FREE Youtube Videos on the Top 100 Most Frequently Misspelled Words!

Here it is!¬†ūüôā

Above is a link to one of the FREE videos I created to help teachers & students! So far I have 10 posted w/ the next 20 to be uploaded SOON!! Show them thru-0ut the year to help improve student spelling! You can go to to get the FREE PowerPoint on all 5 Spelling Strategy Types! You can make your own spelling cards for your class OR purchase a copy of the Innovative Spelling Teacher & Student Notebook. It is only $4.75 & the funds will go towards maintaining this site & creating more materials/videos!   If interested see book description below.                                                                                                                                      Thx a MILLION!

Innovative Spelling Practice Exercises!!! The book is HERE!! It has practice cards, exercises & pre/post tests for ALL 20 videos!!!! Great resource! Ck it out at

Innovative Spelling Teacher & Student Notebook!


This book WITH its corresponding MINI-LESSONS ON YOUTUBE, brings the FREE Innovative Spelling PowerPoint to life & puts the power of learning in your students’ hands!!!

Innovative Spelling is a technique which helps teachers and students for whom the traditional materials/spelling practice does not work. It moves them to think outside of the box, guiding them do what many strong spellers do naturally on their own- create strategies to aid in recall using mental pictures, playing with words or sounds, connecting to words they already know, etc. Many do this instinctively. But some students need modeling and practice to learn this type of thinking.

Innovative Spelling helps students at any level of ability to do so. It is a great tool, because it not only provides differentiation via increased scaffolding support and improved learning, but it also is teaching students a lifelong skill.

This technique CAN BE USED WITH ANY WORD LIST at ANY GRADE LEVEL 2nd-12th! It is student centered and focuses on what kids already know making them feel empowered!

This 48 page, easy-to-use printable book is divided into 2 sections covering…

I. Teacher How To / Intro to Strategies which provide

  • Explanations & In-depth Examples of the 5 Strategy Types.
  • Glossary of 50+ Words & Their Strategies.
  • Kinesthetic Learning Cards Students can Manipulate to Help Practice Spelling Patterns.
  • 3 Different Spelling Card Types for Grades 2-12! Choose the one the works best for YOUR students! Print & Staple into double-sided packets or have students place into ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ binders.

II. Student Notebook

  • Intro to their Own Personal Student Spelling Notebook
  • Spelling Cards Students can Complete & Add to Throughout the School Year

Additional Key Features:

  • Utilize the video mini-lessons on youtube/teachertube that show the strategies in action!
  • Offer teacher flexibility and easy implementation.
  • Use all year long!

Profits are used towards creating more materials, videos & maintaining a free website that helps practicing ESL/ELL teachers connect with one another, share their teaching stories and problem-solve everyday teaching dilemmas.

Although this book has been reviewed and edited multiple times, should you purchase this product and locate mistakes or find something to be unclear, please contact me. I would be happy to look into the suggestions, make necessary changes and forward the updated product.

Together, hopefully we will move our students from mediocre to effective spellers!     gelene




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