ESL Answers is a FREE website that helps practicing ESL/ELL teachers connect with one another, share their teaching stories and problem-solve everyday teaching dilemmas
. ESL Answers’ Resources and Forum provide support and guidance in a safe, sharing on-line community.

Who uses ESL Answers?

Some of us are the only ESL/ELL teacher in our building or perhaps even in our district. We are looking to be a part of a group so our voices are heard and we feel less isolated. Some of us are a part of a larger department but want to expand our network of resources to include other viewpoints. Either way, we are a group of  teaching professionals seeking additional support and/or guidance to better our practice and increase our peace of mind.

ESL Answers the vital call to….

-provide a safe and supportive on-line community of professionals through our Forum; assisting each other with questions and issues in various teaching environments; a place to share information, ideas and resources.

-move beyond simple one time question/answer posting and feedback, by encouraging teachers to return and follow up/further share with our community of users.

-supply a means for genuine storytelling; allowing other’s to see into our wonderful profession and its varied realities.

-offer keen insights and contributions from diverse authors and presenters from various fields within education.

-deliver uplifting teacher accounts that inspire and affirm why we are ESL/ELL Teachers.